Preschool in Tinton Falls, NJ

Thank you for your interest in Winding Brook School. Please read about our goals and philosophy below. We urge you to thoughtfully consider our purpose as you embark on the search for the best early childhood program for your child. As it is customary for parents to visit the school before registration, please call for an appointment or contact us via e-mail. We will be happy to arrange a visit for you to learn more about our programs, observe our classes, and tour our facility and large outdoor play areas.

Quality Program

Winding Brook School offers a superior early childhood experience with programs to meet the needs of all families - including before and after care and a summer camp . Our qualified and experienced teachers and caregivers, many of whom have been with us for more than a decade, are enthusiastic and dedicated to our school's philosophy.

Our Goals

  • To Nurture the Intellectual, Physical, Social, and Emotional Development of Each Child
  • To Assist Each Child in Our Care to Recognize and Reach His or Her Full Potential
  • To Encourage Children to Accept Their Own Wonderful Uniqueness, & to Respect this Quality in All Things
  • To Develop Bright, Curious, Humorous, Confident, and Motivated Children
  • To Involve Parents in the Education of Their Children, and Have Open Communication with the Staff
Class Painting — Day Care in Tinton Falls,NJ

Our Philosophy

Although is claimed that a child cannot rise above his/her inherent abilities, we propose that environment, meaningful experiences, and the absorption of properly presented information can indeed create children of higher caliber. Tiny children, from birth to five years old, will absorb more information, fact for fact, than ever again in their lifetime. Along with countless other things, they have already learned an entire language by the time they are three years old! During these early formative years, children form a basic of understanding of the world around them, and it is our job as educators and parents to guide this crucial learning experience in the most productive, well-rounded, nurturing, and stimulating ways possible.
Class Listening — Day Care in Tinton Falls,NJ

Learning Is Child's Play

Children learn in many different ways. Everything they see and experience is new and exciting to them. Beyond the normal lesson planning in a preschool classroom, there are many teachable moments in a child's day-to-day routine. In observing children at play, we can learn what their interests are; in conversations with them, we can learn what they think about. Children and teachers at Winding Brook explore themes and lessons together in a spirit of mutual respect. We believe that you can truly teach a young child anything that is presented in an honest and factual manner...and done without pressure. The brain is the only container where the more you put in it, the more it will hold. Our goal is to challenge our little ones to use their minds in as many different ways as is possible. Children who have had this type of experience will have a greater potential to grasp and understand more complex material as he/she grows.
Boy and Girl — Day Care in Tinton Falls,NJ


Our Method

The atmosphere we strive to create at Winding Brook School is one that is harmonious, nurturing, and joyful. Children learn easily when they feel safe, comfortable, validated, and praised. We believe that children naturally thrive on structure and routine and our daily activities are structured around that belief. This is balanced with ample opportunity for creative expression, as well as the flexibility to choose their work or play areas as their interests guide them.
Boy and Girl Learning — Day Care in Tinton Falls,NJ
While our hope is that each child reaches his/her highest potential in our care, we never push the children. Ultimately, we want them to be proud of themselves and happy with their accomplishments....whatever that may mean for each individual little person. Daily lessons include exposure to reading, phonics, math, French, art, music, and science. The most important thing we can do for your child is to provide them with an experience that will leave them confident and prepared for the next stage of their life.
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