Exceptional Early Childhood Education in Tinton Falls, NJ

Our purpose at Winding Brook School is to create a warm and loving atmosphere for little children to learn and grow. For the past 5 decades, we have provided a unique and enriching program for children ages two through five years old.
We realize that these early years are the most crucial in the life of a child. Their ability to absorb information is at it's peak, and their curiosity is insatiable. During this period, a child's whole intellectual being is established. We have selected fine materials and wonderfully dedicated teachers who enable the children to satisfy this need. A child's play at Winding Brook School is purposeful, and aimed at learning rather than simply amusement.
Kids Playing — Day Care in Tinton Falls,NJ
Children should be given every opportunity to learn and grow in a safe and nurturing environment. Winding Brook School is the perfect place to make this happen. With the support of their parents, and without pressure, our little ones are exposed to a whole new world of reading, math, and science. Music, art, and language are integral parts of their day. The children are successful and confident, and proud of their accomplishments. Not only do we want them to feel safe and nurtured when they are in our care, our goal is for them to learn to love school...and be inspired to learn.
Learning — Day Care in Tinton Falls,NJ
While the nurturing of a child's emotional and social development is the most important aspect of early childhood education, we believe we offer much more than that at Winding Brook School. Our mission is to instill a lifelong love of 'knowledge-seeking' in our little ones, and we invite parents to share in this joy of learning with their children. Together, we'll help each child realize their own wonderful uniqueness, and to respect this quality in all living things.
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Our Programs Include

  • Full-Day Pre-K
  • Half-Day Pre-K
  • Rainbow 1, Ages 2-3
  • Rainbow 2/3, Ages 3-4
  • Extended Care
  • Summer Camp
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Summer Camp

Join us for Summer Camp 2018. Children will enjoy daily swim lessons, arts & crafts, enrichment, outdoor games, and special events . Flexible schedules - half or full-days. Registration begins in January.
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Winding Brook School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, or religion in any of the school's admission policies or academic programs.